Womak Holding SA is a leader of a capital group existing on the Polish market for 15 years, consisting of among others Womak Alfa, Womak Omega, Womak Gamma and Womak Lambda. The Womak Group is the owner and manager of commercial facilities in Poland, among others in Rzeszów, Olsztyn and Poznań, however the main field of its operations is Wrocław.

A broad portfolio of properties ensures a rich lease offer due to the diversity of facilities – from 2 to 24 thousand m². The Group specializes in the implementation of construction, commercialization and management processes involving commercial facilities. A team of young employees, ambitious projects and effective operations create a company with strong foundations and stable development. The objective of the group is to shape friendly and functional space expected by Customers and to ensure safe and predictable business realizations.

Our mission involves affecting space by implementing projects which are interesting in terms of their architecture as well as creating places for commerce, people and the city in general.

We would like our projects to give our employees a chance to develop, to take environmental aspects into account and to be associated with new trends through their functions, offer and make.

Values we follow cooperating with our employees and counterparties include PROFESSIONALISM, DEVELOPMENT, PASSION, EXCEPTIONALITY AND COOPERATION.