Men Like Gods | 9. TIFF Festival // Worlds

Men Like Gods
Artists: Przemysław Branas, Maciej Cholewa, Angelika Markul, Justyna Mędrala, Mikołaj Szpaczyński
Curator: Joanna Rzepka-Dziedzic

Guest exhibition in OP ENHEIM
9. TIFF Festival // Worlds
duration of exhibition: 4-29.09.2019


Plants, animals, fungi, inanimate nature, objects, artificial intelligence are powerful, organized worlds. Some tolerate mankind, others affect our behavior through specialized means of psychomanipulation. There are also those that treat us as an annoying pest, which the Earth has just decided to culturally shake off.

The exhibition in a contrary way shows humanity as too self-centered, but in the general context of an unprecedented user of the Earth, sharing space with other powerful “actors”. It also concerns the inability or even impossibility of Homo Sapiens adopting a different point of view than his own.

The whole exhibition consists of several “chapters” that mark the presence of different parallel worlds, for which human presence is of marginal significance or does not exist at all. Is it possible that the uniqueness of the human species, clearly perceived from our point of view, can be unnoticed from some other perspective? Is it real that we are biological puppets of some kind of fungus or bacteria? Does our environmental impact have any significance from the point of view of the geological masses shaping the planet for billions of years? And what is our body value for non-material energy that only uses it for a short while? on your eternal path through the worlds?


The exhibition Men Like Gods, a guest exhibition at OP ENHEIM, is part of the program of the 9th International Photography Festival TIFF Festival // Worlds. More information: link.