A historic tenement located at Plac Solny 4 in Wrocław is composed of a seven-storey residential building with retail area along with an annex, having total area of approx. 1,050 m2.

It is an exceptional example of baroque architecture with extraordinary architectonic detail. The tenement was probably built in the 13th century as a gothic plan and at the end of the 18th century it was thoroughly rebuilt. Since 1810 it belonged to the Jewish family of Oppenheims. Thanks to the wife of Ferdinand Oppenheim, there was a foundation for the poor and those in need operating in the period 1890-1940.

Research into the history of the tenement is the task of Ms. Lisa Höhenleitner, selected from among many candidates by Professor Schoor from the Viadrina University in Frankfurt (Oder). Research into the history and the lot of the tenement carried out in the Polish, German and Jewish archives are the subject matter of her MA thesis, which won the 1st Scientific Award of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland 2015 for the best MA thesis. (Winners 2015)

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