Art picnic in Tarczyn
Tarczyn 13, Wleń

Since 2016, OP ENHEIM has been organizing FLOWLAND – an event unique in the region, guided by the idea of ​​slow life. It is here that you can not only see the art exhibition in House No. 13 without rushing, but also learn about the history and tradition of the region. OP ENHEIM has chosen Farm No. 13 as a place for a summer residence, where in the future a house for cultural and artistic activity will be built.

The headquarters of FLOWLAND is Tarczyn near Wleń – the smallest village in the Western Sudetes with a medieval birth certificate. Its integral part is the extraordinary landscape, which consists of not only nature, but also checkered fields and the very layout of the village located on the Tarczynka Mountain, from which you can admire the breathtaking panorama of the Karkonosze and learn about the cultural traditions of these areas.

The first mentions of Tarczyn, located near Wleń, appeared at the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries. It is an example of a village with typical features of that period, as no new building has been erected here for centuries. That is why it can be considered that the cultural heritage of Tarczyn and its vicinity is a testimony to how roads were laid out, houses were built, gardens and fruit orchards were cultivated.


Assuming that our common duty is to protect the natural and cultural heritage of Tarczyn in order to serve us and future generations, in 2016, an artistic event called FLOWLAND was organized for the first time. In House No. 13, it takes the form of a picnic and gathers the local community and visitors.

The rich history of this area as well as the landscape values ​​make the picnic program attract more and more guests every year. We involve in its organization both institutions from the region, incl. BWA gallery in Jelenia Góra, Kooperatyw Izerska or the Center for Culture, Sport and Tourism in Wleń, but also supra-regional ones, such as Train to Culture / Kulturzug or the Center for Culture and Art in Wrocław.


This year’s, fifth edition of the FLOWLAND artistic picnic will take place on September 18, 2021. At the same time, it will become part of the European Heritage Days celebrations organized by the National Freedom Institute. The program of this year’s picnic will be filled not only with an art exhibition, presentations of local creators and producers of organic food, but also meetings about herbalism or the importance of bees in nature. The event will also include the award ceremony in the “Monument – don’t forget” competition. The detailed program of the picnic will be published immediately before the event.

Our constant activities in Tarczyn

– creating a residential space for artists, a place for workshops and meetings related to culture, art and education;
– reconstruction and adaptation of farm buildings to the activities of the Foundation, including House No. 13;
– promoting healthy organic nutrition and a sustainable approach to the environment;
– cooperation with local associations and other groups dealing with ecology, culture and art;
– cooperation with OP ENHEIM and German-Polish Foundation for Cultural Preservation and Monument Protection
– organizing the annual FLOWLAND art picnic; – promotion of the local old orchards and old varieties of fruit trees. Creation of educational orchards. Together with the LAG – Jizera Partnership, we participate in the Education program to preserve old Saxon and Polish varieties of fruit in the border region, as part of which we prepare workshops, trainings and educational courses for professionals in the field of horticulture;
– cooperation with the Foundation for Agricultural Biological Diversity AgriNatura;
– reclamation of old cherry alleys and creation of an old rural backyard garden for educational purposes. Cooperation with the Wojsławice Arboretum;
– contact with the German inhabitants of pre-war Kuttenberg (former name of the village of Tarczyn) in order to preserve their cultural heritage, mementos and memories;
– supporting the tourist promotion of the commune and poviat.

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