Cultural heritage is very important to us. With our actions, we try to show how important discovering and preserving history is for identity. Thanks to this, we not only enjoy the sympathy of guests, but also receive awards and distinctions.

Shortlist of the Ilucidare Special Prizes awarded for the first time in history as part of the European Europa Nostra Award.

Honourable mention in the National Contest Well-kept Monument 2019 by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage and the General Conservator of Monuments in the Adaptation of historic buildings category.

Distinction in the XXIX edition of the Beautiful Wrocław competition for the best architectural realization in the category of Modernization of an architectural facility.

Nomination in the MocArty RMF Classic 2018 competition in the 2018 Things with Class category.

1st Scientific Award of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland 2015 for Lisa Höhenleitner – author of the book House of Oppenheim in Wrocław. The tenement house tells the story of the city

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