03/04/2022 at 18:30
Opening of the exhibition entitled Intimate rites.
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20 March 2022, h. 4:00 p.m.
Cello meeting.
Cello and piano concert organized by the St. Jadwiga in Morawa.
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03/30/2022, h. 18:00
Curatorial guided tour of the exhibition Intimate rituals with Kama Wróbel.
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04/06/2022, h. 5:00 p.m.
Senior Art Walk – guided tours for adults 60+

09/04/2022, at 18:00
Singers’ meeting – ritual spring songs
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04/14/2022, h. 18:30

A meeting for solace. Working with Aneta Lewandowska
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20 April 2022, h. 18:00
Curatorial guided tour of the exhibition Intimate rituals with Kama Wróbel
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08/05/2022, h. 12:00
Guided tour of the exhibition entitled Intimate rituals in Ukrainian with Viktoria Tofan
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20/05/2022, h. 18:30
Justyna Adamczyk. The past does not pass away because it is being recreated forever.
Opening of the exhibition
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July 2, 2022, h. 19:00
Summer Chamber Festival Fri. Music in old Wrocław.
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A series of educational meetings on the metaverse and NFT.

The starting point will be the real, visible at almost every turn, changes occurring in the global art market and the widespread digitalisation of the world. As part of a series of activities, OP ENHEIM will analyse the parallel world which is being built in the spirit of Web3.0 before our eyes:
– NFT – moral or unethical? Trend, fashion or real current in art?
– Metaversum – what is it, what does it bring, what does the future hold?
– Is NFT really ecological? Facts and myths.
– Copyright and legal issues related to NFT
– How to buy? How to sell? How to tokenise? How to find an audience?

OP ENHEIM will also return with a series of cultural trips OP_Tours (we are organizing 4 trips), performative activities in the city space of Wroclaw, Summe_residence – artistic residencies in Tarczyn, an open day, and visits to the studios of Wroclaw artists. There will also be book promotions, including a combined promotion of Anda Rottenberg‘s cookbook with dinner.

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