Justyna Adamczyk. The past does not pass away, because it is eternally created anew

Justyna Adamczyk


Curator: Kama Wróbel

Duration: May 21–18, 2022
Opening: May 20, 2022, at 18:30
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According to the ancient Greeks and Romans, human fate was inherently tragic. From birth to the day we die, we’re burdened by Fatum, the personification of inevitable and irreversible destiny, irrevocable will of the gods that can be influenced by anything or anyone. Limiting the framework of human self-determination, Fatum directed the consequences of all actions to a single conclusion, being the direct cause of our final failure and human tragedy, not so easy to come to terms with or forget.


The process of forgetting is analyzed by Justyna Adamczyk, a Warsaw-based painter and sculptor who, after nearly twenty years, returns to Wroclaw with a solo project. The artist leads us through a therapeutic, non-intrusive process of taming one’s own pain and nested fears, referring to such issues as individual and  collective memory, experience or trauma. Through a series of intimate yet not visually indifferent paintings, installations and fragile sculptures, Justyna Adamczyk seeks an answer, or perhaps a remedy, for the insistent and recurring memories: both the worst and the unwanted ones.


The artist gradually leads us onto the path of taming the experienced evil. She beautifies what has been stripped off any beauty. She enchants totems, creates trophies and souvenirs out of elements that we don’t want to remember. Using a characteristic set of symbols, forms and shapes, she suggestively smuggles a handful of personal, sometimes dark thoughts, making her works evoke a special, intimate, but also disturbing atmosphere. It’s an escape into a world different from reality – full of phantasmagoric visions where everything is possible and permitted. It’s an entrance into a world of memories interwoven with fiction, becoming personal projections that may not have existed in reality…


The OP ENHEIM exhibition “The past doesn’t pass away, as it’s constantly created anew” feature works from various periods of the artist’s career, including such cycles as: “Tell me stories”, “Breathe through your nose and keep your mouth shut” or “Don’t forget to remember me”, as well as those created especially for the Wroclaw exhibition. We will also show you a premiere preview of the latest NFT series “Breathless People”, which is a modern metaphor for the universality and globalization of Adamczyk’s themes.

Curator: Kama Wróbel
Production: Paweł Zaręba
Promotion / PR: Kinga Kulbaka
Visual identification: Grzegorz Kozak
Realization: Michał Michałczak
Cooperation: Ivan Shpak, Julia Szot, Kornelia Włodarczyk, Agnieszka Wróblewska
Organizer: OP ENHEIM
Co-organizer: VOP
Honorary patron: Womak Holding SA
Partners: KEIM, Art Hotel, OPEN Advertising | Oksana Solnik-Krzyżanowska
Media patrons: NOTES.NA.6.TYGODNI

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