(Un)common Ground is a space created for the needs of substantive conversations and knowledge sharing. This conference organized by ERGO Hestia and the Hestia Artistic Journey will become a place where representatives of business, culture, science and art will speak together. One of the panelists will be Viola Wojnowski, founder of the House for Culture OP ENHEIM.

As the organizers write: we want to show that business and the world of art are not detached entities: based on numerous examples from the country and the world, we want to prove that, despite apparent differences, they are mutually inspiring fields. During the conference, there will be, among others Nancy J. Adler, professor at the McGill University in Montreal, Kamila Bondar, president of the ING Polish Art Foundation or Ann Hindry, director of the Renault art collection since 1996.

During her speech, the founder of the OP ENHEIM House for Culture, Viola Wojnowski, will talk about how she began a new chapter in the life of the former Oppenheim House and about social responsibility. It will also show if patronage can go hand in hand with business.

We would like to thank the organizers for this distinction, and our patron – Womak Holding SA for supporting our activities and the opportunity to implement appreciated projects.
More information on the conference website.