Angelika Markul. Time formula

Angelika Markul. Time formula
Curator: Jarosław Lubiak

Opening: 2.07.2021, 6:30 p.m.
Duration of exhibtiion: 3.07–26.09.2021
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As part of the exhibition, a publication entitled Time formula was published in three languages – Polish, English and French, with texts by: Florian Gaité, Jarosław Lubiak and Marion Vasseur Raluy. The publication was prepared in collaboration and support of: CAS, Centre d’art de Vassiviere – France, Empir Print Shop, LETO Gallery and the Polish Institute in Paris. More information: LINK.


One is under the impression that an abyss of time opens up right before our eyes, from which mysterious traces, terrifying relics or poignant images emerge. Alongside footprints of dinosaurs living 147 million years ago there are the remains of an animal that went extinct about 11,000 years ago or afterimages of photographs from almost a hundred years ago. All of them add up to form a dreamlike constellation. Mythology intertwines with archaeology, ethnography with palaeontology, and history with fantasy, creating a very special experience of time.

Angelika Markul is extremely consistent in developing a poetics of dream to explore those dimensions of time that elude both common experience and scientific theories. She has come up with her own formula, in which dreamtime and deep time become dimensions of the present, enabling certain symbolic reversals.

While earlier in her practice she would protest against past violence by resorting to a kind of aesthetic violence (overpowering with images), nowadays she trusts the power of poetics. She is able to do so by employing her own method of bearing witness.

Jarosław Lubiak
Curator of the exhibition

* The full text is available in the exhibition catalog.


Organizer: OP ENHEIM
Co-organizer: VOP
Sponsorship: Womak Holding SA
Partners: AKME, Instytut Francuski w Polsce, Alliance Française Wrocław, Ciap – Ile de Vassivière, Institut Polonais de Paris, Galeria Leto
Media patronage: TVP Kultura, NN6T
Curator of OPopatrz, popatrz! programme: Magdalena Kreis

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