On 28th May 2020 the ILUCIDARE Consortium, the European Commission and Europa Nostra were proud to announce the list of shortlisted projects and the first ever ILUCIDARE Special Prizes. We are very happy to announce that the Oppenheim House has been qualified for the ILUCIDARE Special Prizes in the category Heritage-led international relations.

The ILUCIDARE Special Prizes, which are awarded in the framework of the the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards, aim to identify and promote best practices in innovation and international relations based on cultural heritage, and to support and enhance excellence. The selected projects are outstanding examples of innovative activities across Europe. It is a privilege for us to be among the appreciated projects.

As emphasised by the jury of the ILUCIDARE competition, the Oppenheim House: (…) is a clear example of how mutual understanding and intercultural exchanges can be advanced by unveiling the multilayerdness of cultural heritage. At the same time, these values contribute to and are reflected in the conservation of the building itself. In particular, the strong connection of the conservation works with the site’s history and original context are commendable.

The winners will be announced in autumn 2020 in Brussels during the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards gala.

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