Itaya Dvori’s concert at the Salon Herz
October 24th, 7:00 p.m.
Salon Herz, V p. OP ENHEIM
Plac Solny 4, Wrocław


OP ENHEIM and Goethe-Institut Krakau invite you to a concert by Itay Dvori, a combination of music and comics.

Dvori, a composer, conductor and pianist, decided in 2013 to shift the burden of his work to compositions and improvisations on the piano. His projects and appearances at international festivals have enjoyed exceptional popularity in recent years. Itay Dvori is a lecturer at the Academy of Music in Dresden and the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin.

At the Salon Herz we will hear a completely new genre of music by Itay Dvori – a comic concerto. Initially, the artist chose only single scenes from comic books, for which he created piano miniatures. Following this path, he began to create soundtracks for the whole comic books of various authors.
Dvori has performed with his concerts all over the world and his compositions have also been performed by many other artistic ensembles. The artist has also composed works for theatre and television productions.

At the concert in Salon Herz in OP ENHEIM Itay Dvori will present his soundtrack to “The Arrival” by Shaun Tan and works by Asaf Hanuk, Barbara Yelin and Alessandro Sanna.

The event is free of charge:

The concert takes place as an event accompanying the educational exhibition “ankommen” of Goethe Institute and is realized in cooperation with OP ENHEIM in Wrocław.
More about the exhibition “Ankommen”: