Reverbs of Wroclaw

Anna Kasperska, invited to Wroclaw by Kama Wróbel from OP ENHEIM in cooperation with AIR Wro, decided to recall and imagine the sounds that once absorbed urban walls, rooms, halls and entire urban structures. “Reverbs of Wroclaw” will be implemented in three historic buildings of our city: the OP ENHEIM tenement house, House of the Ladies of Trzebnica in Wrocław (Romanesque House in Wrocław) and the Monopol Hotel. As a result of Kasperska’s research, a sound installation will be created, which we will present at OP ENHEIM.

About the artist

Anna Kasperska is a young audiovisual artist. She graduated from the Development Lab, directing course at the Wajda School. Laureate of the Panavision award in the Papaya Young Directors 2017 competition. Master studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw; specialization: production of a film image and Intercollegiate Multimedia Specialization at the FCUM in Warsaw. She also studied in Berlin. A scholarship holder of the Minister of Education and the city of Warsaw. The author of documentary and feature films: “Together, written separately”, “Farewell to summer”, “Bridge”, “Between”. Her main field of interest and creativity is sound and film. The author of an interactive sound project: