March 30, at 18:00, we invite you to a guided tour of the exhibition Fri. “Intimate rites” with Kama Wróbel – exhibition curator.


The exhibition “Intimate Rites” is a presentation of the works of three young artists associated with Wrocław, who in practice express very specific and already formed creative attitudes. However, these are not uncompromising attitudes, but have a clear problematic embeddedness, which is characterized by sharpening the sense of observation, openness of looking and perhaps the most important – a stable base, firmly anchored in one’s own experience. And although in terms of aesthetics, but also in the way of influence, the art they create differs significantly, an efficient viewer, reaching some roots, will easily find connecting they have common features, which we can call artistic detonators, and there are many of them….


Admission: free


Kama Wróbel – a graduate of the Institute of Art History at the Faculty of History at the University of Wrocław. In 2010, she defended her master’s thesis entitled Polish video art in 1989-1995. She deals with the analysis of phenomena on the art market and exhibitions, as a curator she has organized a number of collective and individual exhibitions. In 2008-2009 she collaborated with the WRO Art Center. She also acts as a freelance curator. She collaborated with the Fly with Art Foundation and the Academy of Fine Arts. ECoC Wrocław 2016 and as an author of texts with the Wrocław City Gallery. She has co-implemented such projects as: Festival of High Temperatures (2015–2018), Think Tank lab Triennale (2015/2016), TIFF Festival (2014–2016), WRO Media Art Biennale (2009/2013), SURVIVAL Przegląd Sztuki (2018). She was responsible for the Debut section of the European Glass Festival in 2013–15. Until 2018, she cooperated with the TIFF Collective Foundation. Co-founder of the TIFF Center. Participant of the individualized coaching program Young Managers of Culture – training under the supervision of Hanna Wróblewska. As an educator, she conducts training courses for young artists (including Rodriquez Gallery, UMK / Toruń, ASP / Wrocław, CK Agora Wrocław, Nowa Gazownia Poznań) and cooperates with artists in the process of building their careers. Since 2019, he has been cooperating with the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, giving lectures in the field of Art Mediation. Her texts are published on artistic portals and in cultural and artistic magazines. Member of DTZSP. Since 2018, he has been the program director of OP ENHEIM.
Organizer: OP ENHEIM
Co-organizer: VOP
Honorary patron: Womak Holding SA
Partners: Keim, Art Hotel, OPEN Advertising | Oksana Solnik-Krzyżanowska