Echoes of Wrocław – Anka Kasperska’s artist residency


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Over the years, architectural structures change their functions by adapting to the current needs of people and the times in which they live. Architecture and its soundscape is a silent witness to urban history whose memory – metaphorically speaking – is inscribed in the walls. Echoes of Wrocław is the title of a residency project intended to examine the changes in Wrocław’s soundscape by focusing on three buildings selected by the artist, Anka Kasperska: the Oppenheim House, the House of the Ladies of Trzebnica (the Romanesque House) and the Monopol Hotel.

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As part of the artist’s residency, the following open events will take place.

➡ 12/06, 6.30–7.30pm

Sounds of horror. The soundscape of Wrocław in 1945. Lecture by Sławomir Wieczorek

➡ 25.06, 6–7pm

Presentation of the sound installation and conversation with Anka Kasperska


Conversation about the project and debate Soundscape as a research tool, with the participation of Robert Losiak, Maciej Bączyk and Justyna Stasiowska.Moderator: Sławomir Wieczorek

➡ 27.06, 6pm

Tour of the venues included in the installation, led by the artist accompanied by guide Renata Bardzik-Miłosz

PARTICIPATION: The number of seats at the lectures is limited. If you are interested in participating, please send your request to:

No prior registration is necessary for the walk with the artist.

The project is carried out in cooperation with Culture Zone Wrocław as part of the AIR Wro programme.