We invite you to the premiere of the film that shows the process of creating the exhibition entitled Every Truth has Four Corners.

It is an extraordinary story about the close cooperation between the dealer and the owner of the collection, Volker Diehl, and the curator – Mark Gisbourn, who presents the process of creating both a passion for art and a collection of over 1,000 objects in an accessible way.

The prism of the collector’s experience and his personal history significantly influenced Mark Gisbourne’s decision to select works of art in OP ENHEIM spaces. Each of the works is an insight into the memories of an empathetic man with sufficient sensitivity to notice and collect extraordinary works of artists.

>> SEE THE FILM << Film made by: Michał Stenzel

Every Truth has Four Corners
Art from Berlin: Works from the collection of Volker Diehl
Curator: Mark Gisbourne