Due to numerous requests and the growing popularity of the exhibition, we decided to extend the exhibition by almost a month. 70 works from the collection of the Berlin dealer Volker Diehl until June 6 to be seen at OP ENHEIM.

Every Truth has Four Corners is an exhibition in many respects unique. Let’s see the works of artists representing the Russian, German and Asian art scene. Most of them have not been shown in Poland. From the spectacular sculpture by Ioana Maria Sisei entitled It Will Melt Completely in 4781 Washings, containing the artist’s story about the broken heart and the emptiness left behind by conversations on social media, the breathtaking fabric by Zofia Butrymowicz to the mesmerizing Turning Squares by Christian Megert, i.e. mirror construction from the 1970s.

Although OP ENHEIM will be closed on 1-3.05, we encourage you to visit in May, without the obligation to book in advance.

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