On Wednesday, the 28th of September 2016 we celebrated the signing of the Foundation Act of OP ENHEIM.

Our guest of honour of this occasion was Vicepresident of Wrocław, Adam Grehl. Together with representatives of companies/foundations like Deutsch-Polnische Stiftung Kulturpflege und Denkmalschutz, Budimex, Akant, Arup, Womak, the city Historic Preservation Officer, as well as institutions of cultur and/or art from Poland and Germany, we wanted to dedicate this special day do the new chapter of the historic tenement: its renovation after many many years. We prepared all important subjects , which are telling the story of the green tenement or have a symbolic value; pictures, a recent newspaper, an actual coin, a little dwarf of Wrocław, business cards of friends and partner of OP ENHEIM and of course – a personal e-mail written by Steffi Herz, the granddaughter of a former tenement’s occupant. She is now living in Argentina and has more than 80 years, but she soon would love to visit this place,  where her grandmother spent the last days of her life.

This was an amazing day for all of us, we wrote history together.