In response to ongoing global pandemic we initiated in 2020 DIGITAL RESIDENCY program in cooperation with Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Project was created in order to meet expectations of the art world and it’s continuous process of digitalisation.

We are well aware of the fact that artists, despite pandemic limitations, effectively use the space of social media to present their creative practices.

As part of the second edition of DIGITAL RESIDENCY, we selected three artists from Poland and three from Germany. These are:

Anna Bujak
Barbara Gryka
Bit Explorers Research Team (Wojciech Kukuczka, Marek Straszak, Jacek Czarkowski)


Neo Christopher Chung
Oscar Lebeck
Yiy Zhang

The residencies will start at the beginning of August and will last until the end of October 2021. We will present its effects on the dedicated online platform


Based on the submitted applications we’ve selected 3 people from Poland and three people from Germany for a three-week online artist-in-residence. Two of them will be held by authors living in Berlin and Wrocław, respectively.

Two artists will work simultaneously with the OP ENHEIM team. The effects of monthly residencies will be available on a specially created online platform. There will also be an online meeting with artists, during which they will talk about their artistic practice.

During the program, we will organise two educational webinars for participants, led by specialists: one from Berlin and one from Wrocław. This project is going to mark the start of an ongoing online residency program that will be developed by OP ENHEIM in the future.

Artists will also receive remuneration for their work.The main goal of the project is to popularize the works of artists from Berlin and Wrocław, provide financial support and develop new online activities for cultural institutions.


1/ Financial support in the amount 250 € brutto.
2/ Opportunity to develop work on an original artistic project under the supervision of the OP ENHEIM Team.
3/ Participation in two educational webinars conducted by specialists from Poland and Germany.
4/ Possibility to present your own artistic practice in a public online meeting.
5/ Publication of the results of work on the website dedicated to the project.


15.06.2021 – start of the recruitment process
16.07.2021 – end of the recruitment process
19.07.2021 – results announcement
2.08.2021 – start of the first residence
1.09.2021 – start of the second residence
1.10.2021 – start of the third residence

We would like to thank all the artists for participating in the open recruitment!


Organizer: OP ENHEIM
Patron: Womak Holding SA
The program is co-financed by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe as part of the Oder partnership project.