We invite artists and artists from Berlin and Wrocław to participate in the Digital Residency program. This is the second form of support for artists during the COVID-19 pandemic offered by OP ENHEIM. The theme of this year’s residency is the sentence “Where / Z / Europe”, focusing on the discourse related to the development of our continent.

The assumption of the project is towards the artistic world, which is becoming more and more digitized. In response to the pandemic situation, we created the DIGITAL RESIDENCY program in 2020 in cooperation with Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. The project is intended to meet the expectations of the world of culture and art, which is currently more and more digitized. We are well aware of the fact that artists, despite pandemic limitations, effectively use the space of social media to present their creative practices.

In addition to the opportunity to present your projects on the digitalresidency.pl platform, we also offer the opportunity to exchange experiences and learn from mentors related to OP ENHEIM. We try to collaborate and strengthen Polish-German ties, overcome the uncomfortable and build new trends in the artistic community.

Based on the submitted applications, as many as 6 people will be selected for a 3-week online residency. Two of them will be held by authors living in Berlin and Wrocław, respectively. The project duration is estimated from August to the end of October. During this period, we will take care of the opportunity to meet (online?) With the participants of the residency and hear about their developing projects, as well as previous experiences of artistic practices. In addition to sharing their experience, participants will take part in two webinars conducted by specialists from Berlin and Wrocław.

15/06/2021 – start of open recruitment
16/07/2021 – end of open recruitment
07/19/2021 – announcement of the results
2/08/2021 – start of the first residence
01/09/2021 – start of the second residence
01/10/2021 – start of the third residence

Full rules (in German): https://bit.ly/DR2021_Ordnung
Application documents:
1/ Application form: https://bit.ly/DR2021_Form
2/ Portfolio (max. 16 pages).
3/ Additional materials (not required).
Please send the complete set of documents via www.wetransfer.com to visit@openheim.org by 16/07/2021.