Three Plagues / the Galeria Labirynt in OP ENHEIM
8th of November, 6 p.m.
Salon Herz, V p. OP ENHEIM
Plac Solny 4, Wrocław

OP ENHEIM and the Galeria Labirynt invite you to a meeting with curators of the exhibition “Three Plagues”. Magda Linkowska and Agnieszka Cieślak will talk about her idea and the main themes, which are: the issue of nationalism and fascism, the problem of the Other, the feminist theme or the question of religious fundamentalism.

The presentation will be accompanied by screenings of selected video works, including “Sztamy” by Ewa Axelrad, “Exposé” by Jacek Malinowski and “Zapytaj Syrena” by Agnieszka Polska.

The title of the exhibition was taken from Ryszard Kapuściński’s 1993 book entitled “The Siren”. The title of the exhibition was taken from Ryszard Kapuściński’s book “Empire” published in 1993. The author warns: “The world is threatened by three plagues, three plagues. The first one is the plague of nationalism. The second is the plague of racism. The third one is the plague of religious fundamentalism. These three plagues have the same feature, the same common denominator – aggressive, omnipotent, total irrationality.

The event is free of charge.
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The Three Plagues exhibition is part of the program of the nationwide initiative Anti-Fascist Year, more information: