We invite you to the next meeting from the series “Expellees” organized by the German Cultural and Social Society in Wrocław. In this discussions we present unusual works of literature describing the fate of Jews, Germans and Poles who lost their homes by persecuting Nazi nationalists and as a result of World War II. The center of the action is always Wroclaw, which becomes a missing or new home.

19/02/2019, at 18.00, Salon Herz (5th floor)
Willy Cohn’s diary (lecture)

Willy Cohn was a Wrocław historian, publicist and teacher. He survived the exile of Jews from Wrocław, experienced the Crystal Night in 1938 and the despair of Jews who did not leave the city. The Cohn family also had a tragic fate: many members were deported and in 1941 murdered. The text “No law – nowhere” is a collection of Cohn’s memoirs from 1933-1941. This unique diary will be presented in the lecture by Berlin literary scholar and author Lothar Quinkenstein.

The event is conducted in two languages: Polish and German.

Free entrance. Please report to the following address: leduck@ifa.de