Thank you for being with us! A week ago, we opened the long-awaited exhibition: Slavs and Tatars. LONG LVIVE LVIV. СЛАВА ЗА БРЕСЛАВA.

This extraordinary exhibition showing the common history of two cities – Wrocław and Lviv, can tell us a lot about identity, migrations – ancient and contemporary, and language as the creator of our reality. That is why we invite you to join the two series completing the Slavs and Tatars project:

> Alternative Institute of Oriental Studies, i.e. seminars with lecturers from Poland and Ukraine. More: link.

> Artist – Artist – Kunstler – художник – a series of meetings curated by ZA * Grupa. More: link.

Join us – the next classes will take place in October!

The full photo report by Dzikie Studio from the Opening Weekend can be seen on our Facebook: link.