On May, 9th there will be a solemn opening of the project Luneta, which will be held in front of the Main Train Station in Wrocław and simultaneously at Dorothea-Schlegel-Platz in Berlin. This will be w unique opportunity to meet and get to know the neighbour closer, without the need to go outside the borders of Poland. The Telescope is 6 metres high, has 12 metres in diameter and looks like a blue domical tent. When entering the installation in Wrocław, we move real-time to Berlin, which will be made possible by 30 screens placed on both sides and a front presenting the internal part of the telescope in Berlin. On the other hand, our neighbours in Berlin will have the chance to see Wrocław and the visitors of the telescope in a twin installation, simultaneously communicating with them using short messages on the screen as well as seeing and hearing each other.