Last month, there were multiple opportunities for us to participate in meetings and events in Berlin. Wrocław, the Capital of Culture 2016, is enjoying extremely huge interest this year. For that reason, the German Forum of Central and Eastern Europe’s Culture and Vertretung des Freistaates Sachsen beim Bund organised on February, 24th and March, 1st days on Wrocław along with a discussion panel, which also OP ENHEIM had the opportunity to take part in. Additionally, on Friday, March, 11th in Otto-Braun-Saal, at the State Library Berlin Kultuforum, there was a meeting along with a conference and an exhibition entitled “Urvilla der Moderne” Mies van der Rohes Villa Wolf in Gubin – Wiederaufbau als Modell 1:1 the topic of which was the reconstructions of Villa Wolf in Gubin. The event, which among the spheres of intellectuals in Germany, art historians and architects excites great emotions and controversy, was attended by, i.a. Professor Tomasz Torbus, Professor Winfried Nerdinger, Professor Rita Süssmuth, the initiator of the event Florian Mausbach (president of the Berlin Architecture Award), Hans Eichel (Minister of Finance in Germany in 1999-2005) and Barbara Schneider-Kempf. OP ENHEIM was invited to the speech on the reconstruction and the future function of the Oppenheim’s House in the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016. OP ENHEIM is putting all the efforts so that the exhibition could be presented in Wrocław soon. For sure, the topic will induce an intense exchange of opinions – as was the case in Berlin – and may bring about interesting conclusions.