OP ENHEIM warmly invites everyone to participate in a meeting with an author – the city writer Marko Martin (in German).

The first meeting will take place on Monday, May, 16th this year at 9:45 am at the Institute of German Studies (plac Nankiera 15, 50-996 Wrocław), room 26.

The second meeting will be exceptional, since it will be held in the Luneta (installation in front of the Main Train Station in Wrocław) on Tuesday, May, 17th at 12 pm. The exceptional nature will consists in the fact that the multimedia installation Luneta is presented both in Wrocław and Berlin – it makes it possible for the visitors of both the places to hear one another, see one another and communicate using short messages on the screen.

(Further information concerning the Luneta may be found at: http://www.wroclaw.berlin/kalendarz-wydarzen/luneta-2016/).

The meeting will be held in Wrocław, but people in Berlin will also be able to participate, so in two countries, two cities, two places at the same time. Marko Martin at the Institute of German Studies The project is being implemented in cooperation with Luneta, German Forum of Central and Eastern Europe’s Culture and Professor Wolting from German Studies (University of Wrocław).