We would like to inform that an MA thesis entitled: ‘Das „Oppenheim-Haus“ in Breslau/Wrocław. Ein Bürgerhaus erzählt die jüdische, deutsche und polnische Geschichte seiner Stadt’ („The Oppenheims House in Breslau/ Wrocław. Bourgeois house telling a story about the Jewish, German and Polish history of its city”) written by Lisa Höhenleitner won this year’s 1st Scientific Award of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland 2015 for the best MA thesis. (Winners 2015) We are proud not only due to the fact that Lisa is a close person to use and she is closely related to the OP ENHEIM operation, but also due to the fact that the work concerns the topic of history and lot of some of the residents of the historical Oppenheims House at Plac Solny. The award of the Ambassador that was given to Lisa on December, 8th this year at 12 pm in Senatssaal at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin prizes extraordinary doctoral dissertations and MA theses in the field of humanities and social studies devoted to the history and culture of Poland and the Polish and German relations. We would like to congratulate our talented Lisa from the bottom of our hearts and wish her success and further awards. #events