Intimate Rituals
Aneta Lewandowska / Emilia Marcjasz / Viktoriia Tofan

A ritual is usually a set of activities of a symbolic meaning, performed according to a fixed sequence. Rituals may be prescribed by the traditions of a community, accompanying a particular event or celebration. They are with us from birth and they are important. Or at least for many centuries they used to be. Rituals can be religious or secular, and at a deeper level they can be about initiation or affirmation, including communal rites and rites of passage. Some of them are intimate, just as our gestures are intimate, others ceremonial, broadening the context to include a magical aspect and thus spreading over the area of ​​the sacred and taboo.

The exhibition Intimate Rituals presents works by three young artists associated with Wrocław, whose practices reflect very specific and well-formed creative attitudes. However, their attitudes are not uncompromising, but problem-focused and characterised by close observation, open-mindedness and most importantly – a stable foundation, firmly rooted in their own experiences. Although their art differs significantly in terms of aesthetics and impact on the audience, a discerning viewer can easily find some common features underlying them, certain “artistic detonators.” And there are many of them…

By revealing a part of their own world, Aneta Lewandowska, Emilia Marcjasz and Viktoriia Tofan invite us to cross the threshold of intimacy, which can be daunting because it leads us to a place of reflection, dilemmas and turning points, with the accompanying fears, discord and disagreement. The artists use the visual language of art to accurately map contemporary global problems, increasingly pressing and disturbing, in a way that is not always apparent. We therefore find threads connected with the sense of alienation, migrations, powerlessness, ecology and the growing awareness of the climate disaster taking place right before our eyes, or the domination of the Capitalocene. We can also experience moments of poignant analysis of Bauman’s liquid identity and private exploration of oneself, while on a macro scale – of a growing confusion and sense of being lost in the contemporary world, ever faster and more digitised.

Intimate threads are therefore intertwined with global problems, although manifested indirectly, prompting the viewer to look closely and wisely.

The exhibition summarising the second edition of the OP_Young programme.



Intimate Rituals
Aneta Lewandowska / Emilia Marcjasz / Viktoriia Tofan
Curator: Kama Wróbel
OP ENHEIM, Plac Solny 4, Wrocław

4th March 2022, 18:30

Duration: 05.03.–30.04.2022

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– each participant of the vernissage is required to disinfect their hands at the entrance, as well as cover their nose and mouth throughout their stay in the gallery,
– Participation in the event is tantamount to acceptance of the above rules, the provisions of which each of our guests is obliged to observe,
– Entrance to the gallery is possible both by stairs and by elevator. If you wish to use the elevator, please inform OP ENHEIM staff on the spot.





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