Lewandowska / Marcjasz / Tofan. Intimate rituals

Lewandowska / Marcjasz / Tofan
Intimate rituals
Exhibition summarising the OP Young programme

An exhibition of three young, progressive female artists from Wrocław, whose creative attitudes were considered the most interesting among the submissions within the OP ENHEIM’s OP_Young programme. The exhibition will be a presentation of brand new works, which will deal with three thematic areas, characteristic for each of the artists. These will be: ecology – in particular the issue of the difficulty of perceiving the authentic condition of contemporary man and the state of nature as a result of the subjective and manipulated perception of man in the capitalocene, (un)hospitality in a broad sense, analysed through the prism of the figure of the guest or hospitable thresholds which limit the visitor/alien/other’s rights and deprive him/her of the gift of hospitality by drawing up imposed frames, and finally self-identity, treated as a net of experiences, also through the prism of Baumann-like fluidity. The story of identity will again lead us to questions about ourselves, home, shelter and the sense of security it gives us.

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